ACQUA NOOSA eau de parfum -
Noosa’s luxe essence of the ocean


Acqua Noosa is a clean, conscious fragrance. A beautiful, luxe holiday-in-a-bottle and quite simply a virtual first-class ticket to the Sunshine Coast.

When creator and founder Katja Anton first came to Australia as a tourist over 15 years ago, she fell in love with Australia’s sights and smells – to a European it was a dream, so vast and different, a true natural beauty. Noosa soon became Katja’s home and source of inspiration to create its very own bespoke scent based on natural Australian botanicals, an aromatic version of Noosa’s best features; essentially Noosa in a bottle, so everyone can take a piece of this slice of paradise into their homes & hearts.

Katja grew up in the Mediterranean and to her travel is all about a sensory and aromatic journey; the smells, tastes, colours and patterns of the places she visited have influenced her way of being, personal style, connection to fashion and art… something as simple as the fresh scent of cut grass, spices in a market, pine forests, a lemon grove by the sea, can take you back to a particular time & place. This notion stirred the idea and ambition to create and translate holiday memories and emotions into an experience and product. Scent memory is one of the most powerful senses, like a super power and in many places around the world you can find special aromatic fragrances connecting you to a place. Et voila’, the gift of Noosa!

Another signature facet, is that the bottle’s glass is imported from France for its superior quality. in keeping with Katja’s goal to bring the world together, the name reflects her Italian heritage, the bottles are European and the perfume is entirely Australian!

Vegan. Cruelty Free. Not Tested on Animals. No Nasties. Clean Beauty.

Ingredients: water, fragrance*, sugar cane ethanol (organic), Australian distilled sandalwood, Australian native botanicals Basil, Lavender & Lemon, Cedarwood, Cardamom, Geranium, Bergamot, Patchouli, Peppermint (NO dyes, phthalates, parabens, ketones or heavy metals used).

*Acqua Noosa TM proprietary blend – Our ingredients, every fragrance, oil, extract & aroma is a hybrid blend of natural & synthetic materials (the good kind), cruelty-free, vegan #AustralianMade.

Creating positive impact

At Acqua Noosa we wish to create an ethical business where “giving back” should be at the core of what we do.

We’ve partnered up with Green Fleet Australia by committing to plant native species and reduce our carbon footprint. Biodiverse native forests capture and offset carbon emissions to help protect our climate, improve soil and water quality and provide habitat for our beautiful native wildlife.

Every purchase you make contributes positively to our planet.

Join us on our journey and purchase ‘with purpose’ to keep our world clean, carefree and living – never before has looking after our big back-yard been so important!

acqua noosa australian perfum eau de parfum -
Noosa’s luxe essence of the ocean

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